Tuesday, August 01, 1989

Cybernetix issue 2 advert.

This was the rear cover of issue 1 of Cybernetix. A complete space filler really as it serves absolutely no function at all. I quite like it still from a design point of view. The text makes me cringe to read though and that's one hell of a wonky Dalek I drew there! A.S. drew the Cyberman.

Cybernetix - Issue 1 (August 1989)


A welcome to issue 1!

Interview - Sophie Aldred
An Q&A style interview (by mail) with the actress who played Ace, the 7th Doctor’s companion.

Archives: The Abominable Snowmen
A synopsis of the 2nd Doctor story (basically paraphrased from DWM (Doctor Who Monthly)

Overview: The Edge of Destruction
A review of the fantastic Target novelisation of the 3rd ever Doctor Who story.

Longleat Today
A review of the Doctor Who exhibition at Longleat, Berkshire.

20 for 3 Declared – The fifth Doctor.
An article defending Peter Davison’s portrayal of the Doctor, following him coming last in the “Favorite Doctor” category in a poll conducted with Swansea and Cardiff Doctor Who Local Group members.

The Curse of Fenric?
Spoof fiction based on the story of the same name.

Continuity – The Hand of Omega
A look at continuity issues in Remembrance of the Daleks.

Overview “Special”
Three members of the Cardiff Local Group review “Cybermen” by David Banks & Andrew Skilleter.

This is the Editor
Some rubbish I wrote about the fanzine, essentially to pad out the last page that I didn’t have any material for.

Issue II advert
Again padding as I ran out of material. A full page advert on the rear cover of the issue advertising issue 2.