Friday, December 01, 1989

Cybernetix - Special issue advert

A one page “advert” for the forthcoming special issue of Cybernetix (that was never actually made).

Ice Warrior / Jon Pertwee artwork

Well the Ice Warriors came out OK, but sadly Pertwee looks bollocks.

Doctur Huw: What Happened Last Week in the TARDIS (part 2)

Here's part 2 of Doctur Huw and "What Happened Last Week in the TARDIS". This is from Cybernetix issue 3 - a Doctor Who fanzine I designed and edited in 1989 when I was about 15 years old. Again, my apologies for it being slightly childish and a bit unfunny, but it was a long time ago! Click here to read part 1 and for more info on this strip.

Cybernetix - Issue 3 (December 1989)

This third issue of Cybernetix was published (or rather photocopied) on Wednesday 27th December 1989. I'd say that it's the best out of all the issues. I think that I got better at the job with each issue. You could say that this was the final issue. Issue 4 didn't happen and "The Special?" wasn't really a proper issue. It was quite short and was just put together to use up the remaining articles that would have appeared in the scrapped "proper" special issue. Out of all the issues, I'd say that this issue had the best content, having an interview with Stephen Wyatt, a rather good piece of fiction by J.T called "Angel of Death" and a few other nice bits and pieces.

Welcome to issue 3!

Interview – Stephen Wyatt
An interview with the author of Paradise Towers and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Peter Davison – the case for and against
The Defence. Davison’s portrayal of the Doctor is put on trial.

Exclusive news
A spoof news report on the format and casting for season 27 of Doctor Who.

Paradise Towers – A story with potential?
An analysis of the season 24 story, widely regarded as “dodgy” with most fans. DrGaz tries to find something positive about it and discusses whether or not it was really bollocks after all.

Fiction: A chess match between the Doctor and Fenric.

Angel of Death
Fiction: A mirror in an antique shop that has strange powers.

Season 26 gossip
Two random peoples views on season 26.

The Special Issue
A one page “advert” for the forthcoming special issue of Cybernetix.

Continuity – Davros: A study in tyranny.
An analysis of the character of the evil creator of the Daleks.

Doctur Huw
The Doctor (who has had too much to drink) and his barmaid companion escape the evil “Durlicks”.

Rear cover
Ice Warrior / Jon Pertwee artwork by DrGaz.