Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sketch of the day: Kitchen stools

Another sketch from when we were in Central Asia in 2005. It's just a quick scribble, and not too exciting to be honest, but I like it because it reminds me of the flat where we stayed. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

SEVANS Dalek models - readers' Daleks.

DrGaz's Stuff reader, Alan MacKenzie recently wrote to me regarding Sevans Daleks following my original post which can be found here.

Alan currently has two Sevans Daleks, one gold TV version and one much more imposing, black AARU film version (pictured - click to enlarge). The gold one is the older of the two, dating from March 1992, whilst the black was built in early 1998. Not long after building the first, Alan adapted it by fitting the innards of a Marx "Bump & Go" Dalek into it, so it trundles around looking quite realistic. Unfortunately, he never got around to converting the black one! The black one carries a customized squadron marking on his dome, taken from the cover illustration of the 1964 Dalek Book!

Here's a link to Alan's Dalek e-books: Currently two books can be found here; "Redemption of the Daleks" and "Quest of the Daleks". A third, entitled "Triumph of the Daleks" will soon follow to complete the trilogy and will feature Dalek Caan from the new series. Well worth a look!

UPDATED: 11th August 2007: Here's a few more shots of Goldie. Thanks for sending them in Alan!

Do you have a Sevans Dalek you'd like to share? Go on send in a pic! You know you want to.

All images in this post are copyright Alan MacKenzie