Monday, January 01, 2007

Horror Dream Diary - Index

Welcome to my HORROR DREAM DIARY. This is a nightmare diary that I keep featuring a selection of my most terrible dreams. Generally I have no idea what they mean, other than maybe they are mirroring confusion and stresses in my real life. Any theories are greatly appreciated so please leave a comment with any ideas...

The Man in the Chair (18th June 2008)
A disturbing night time visitor to my bedroom

The Haunted Apartment (9th December, 2007)
A dream about living in a haunted apartment.

My Gran's Remains (10th September, 2007)
A recurring dream about the desecration of my grandmother’s remains.

The Grey Man (1st September, 2007)
A ghostly encounter.

The Human Abattoir (27th June, 2007)
A camping trip goes wrong and I end up in a sinister remote factory.

A House Without Windows
(13th June 2007)
A windowless mansion and its strange occupants.

The Cabin (26th May 2007)
A bleak landscape and a strange remote cabin containing an ominous message to me.

A Dark World (19th May 2007)
Messages from the dimension beyond and people in the walls controlling our minds.

Final Resting Place (7th March 2007)
A premonition of my own funeral.

The Interrupted Ritual (3rd March 2007)
Blues legend Robert Johnson performs satanic rituals. Men in black appear and a poor little dog that bites the dust.

The Labyrinth
(30th January 2007)
A trap is being laid for me deep inside an absurd world of dark subterranean passages, full of fleeting human forms and slamming doors.

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