Saturday, January 20, 2007

DrGaz's first ever post

Whahhey folks! Well now, here we are then. DrGaz has got a blog and he's up and running with his first post!

I wouldn't say that has blown me away so far. I've had an excruciating experience with it over the last couple of hours to get this page looking like this. Yes folks, I went to extreme lengths to get the lovely Halloween colours of the title bar. I frantically fought with the software to get the "DrGaz's handy links" section working properly, and I bloodily battled with to upload a picture for "DrGaz's Avatar of the week". I was unsuccessful with the latter, which is why you can't see it. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow*.

That's about all for now folks. I hope this first post has titillated you in some way, and has whet your appetite for more of my fascinating musings.

*Well I tried again the next day and got somewhere. In the end I just got rid of my silly personalised colour scheme and went for a default template!

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