Monday, January 01, 2007

DrGaz's Guestbook


DrGaz said...

Welcome to my guestbook! Please leave comments and stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Dear DrGaz
My name is Zef my age is 7 and I like the judoon song
from zef

James said...

Hi Dr Gaz

I have an original pressing of the 'Tweety Tweety' song by Kenny Lambrusco (it's the pink vinyl one). Do you know what it's worth. If you could give me an evaluation to the nearest pound that would be okay (or Euro if you only work in that currency). Thanks

DrGaz said...

Do you have the faulty 1976 version that plays backwards? They're worth a forture. If you've got the special edition with the leopardskin sleeve then I would get on the phone to Bonhams now.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Gaz

I couldn't find an email contact for you, I'm just trying to get in touch regarding permission to use some of your creations in a project I'm working on.

Please Contact me please at