Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hot Babes of Destiny

This is my latest YouTube effort, and it seems to be doing OK at the moment with quite a few hits. You can view the video above, or by clicking here to go to it on YouTube.

"The Hot Babes of Destiny" is a semi-finished techno tune that I knocked up on Garageband on the Mac. I quite like it, actually. The video is a bit of an afterthought though; just some cobbled together TV footage of some asian girls prancing around.

It's just about to crash the 800 hits barrier after being online for about a month. This is incredibly crap by most YouTubers' standards, but spectacularly amazing for me, given my poor track record in getting anyone to look at my videos.

I suspect that the viewing figures are more to do with me including tags such as "sexy", "hot" and "girls" in the description, rather than people flocking to witness my musical talent. The fact that in 800 hits, no bugger has left a single comment or rated it indicates that this is proably true.

Well I like it, anyhow.

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