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DrGaz's Discography

Welcome to my discography - my own music that I've made over the years from 1994 to the present day. It's in reverse chronological order so the lower down the list the dodgier it gets!

DrGaz's Party (2011?)
This will be my first um album... actually it's a concept album! You're all invited to DrGaz's Party!. The album will probably feature around 13 complete songs that I'm slowly working on. At this stage most songs exist in outline form. I've written some lyrics, and one song is nearly completely finished. Watch this space, folks!

DrGaz's Garageband (2006-present)
This is all my latest music - stuff that I've done mainly on guitar/Garageband on the Mac. Some might filter into DrGaz's Party in some shape or form.

Maybe Next Time
Twiddly Tune

Tuesday Night
The Tripods v2
There Is Only Death
Things Were So Much Better
Lady With A Fag
The Tripods
Frozen Beef
The iShoe Shuffle
The Hot Babes of Destiny

Gaz has got the blues

Piano Seabird

Clumpy Joanna


The Gaz Dance (let's take some drugs)

A Gaz Funtune
Spooky Happenings

Doctor Who Related
Logopiano (2008)
The Judoon Song (2007)
Doctor Who's Ooompah Extravaganza (2006)
The Yamaha Dr Who Theme By DrGaz (1989)

Piano stuff (2007 - present)
This is stuff I've done on the piano

Logopiano (Paddy Kingsland)
Menuet en Rondeau (Jean-Philippe Rameau)
Maybe Next Time (Ritchie Blackmore)
Grade 2: L.Mozart
Grade 2: The Bee
Grade 2: Garage Sale
Grade 1: Andante
Grade 1: Allegro (Mozart)
Grade 1: The Old Cuckoo Clock

The Mal-X Tapes (2000)
Some stuff I did on the 8-track with a mate “Mal-X” years ago.

Lady With A Fag
Lady With A Fag (no vocals)
An Axe To Grind
Maggie May
Maggie May (with extras)

The Rampant Flares (1999)
Psycho Killer
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
Fool For Your Lovin'

Old, Old Stuff (1998)
This is a collection of ideas that I put together on an 8 track in 1998. Most of it is incomplete. It’s basically a scratchpad of ideas for future development.

The Visionary
Backstage Lover Queen (v1)
Backstage Lover Queen (v2)
Blues Glue
Golden Oldie
Serpent Of The Nile
The Lost Crystal Of The Light (v1)
The Lost Crystal Of The Light (v2)
March Of The Destroyer
The Fall (v1)
The Fall (v2)
The Fall (v3)
Hooray For Brian
Here Inside (v1)
Here Inside (v2)
Here Inside (v3)
Blues Stew
Blues Shoes
Wahmeister General
Silly Things
Devil Mind
Under The Stairs
Castration In The Cloisters
We're Sorry, There Will Be A Short Delay
The Sky Lit Up With Gold (v1)
The Sky Lit Up With Gold (v2)
The Sky Lit Up With Gold (v3)
The Operator
Mr Spangly
Widdly Diddly
Twiddly Diddly
Diddly Twiddly Widdly

Squire - The 1998 Sessions (1998)
A band I was in between 1998-1999.

Wishing Well
Take Your Soul Tonight
Roadhouse Blues
Psycho Killer

Nehemiah (1994)
A band I was in when I was in uni. It was my first band. Please don't listen - this is really, really awful stuff.

Forbidden Territory
Strange Conflict
The Satanist
Land Of Fate

DrGaz At Christmas
Jingle Balls (2006)
Hark the Hells Angels Sing (2006)

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