Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DrGaz's music: Tuesday Night

This is a little thing that I recorded on the PC this evening. It's just a 30 second ditty I did on the guitar as a little test. I wanted to see if I could plug it into the mic port on the PC soundcard and record in Audacity (a nice piece of Freeware for sound manipulation that allows you multitrack). This is about 5 or 6 tracks together. The sound quality isn't wonderful, but it's nice to know that I can do this so easily. I wouldn't mind having a bash at doing some guitar stuff in Garageband (if I can ever get around to it).

Below is a pic of my guitar. It's been recently dusted down after spending a year in storage. It's a US Fender Stratocaster that I puchased new in 1996. Cost me £500 from Cranes in Cardiff.

Actually I quite like this little tune, so maybe I can turn it into a proper song. My ultimate aim is to make an er "album" (it'll be called DrGaz's Party), and with a bit of work I can also develop some of the other tunes on this blog to go on it too!

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