Sunday, December 09, 2007

Horror Dream Drary: The Haunted Apartment

I was living in a Victorian mansion that had been divided up into individual apartments. My apartment looked out onto beautiful gardens.

Soon after moving in I realised that the apartment was haunted, and it became worse over the space of a few weeks. The ghosts were three black servants – a man, a woman and a young girl in her early 20s (possibly their daughter). The man and woman were both in their 50s, and were extremely menacing characters. The man was particularly frightening. He had deformed hands and I would often turn around to find that he’d been standing behind me, glaring at me.

The hauntings started off pretty low-key – Just a fleeting glimpse of one of them in a mirror, but when I turned around they would be gone. It wasn’t long before they were still be there when I turned around, fading away seconds later. Soon they were around pretty much all the time, and I decided to try to exorcise them, which was very difficult at first because they mocked me as I read prayers. I persisted and gradually the hauntings got less and less until I stopped seeing them.

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