Saturday, February 01, 1992

CSO – Issue 1 (February 1992)

Welcome to CSO and the SFFC!

Group News
All the latest news and gossip for SFFC members.

Pyramids of Mars – A Classic?
SFFC members thrash out if Pyramids of Mars is any good or not. As far as Jon C is concerned this classic Doctor Who story is a load of rubbish. Steve F on the other hand can’t get enough.

Randall and Hopkirk (Decased)
A review of the ITC video release.

Audience ratings for BBC2 that had become known as “the Science Fiction channel”

Opus One
Doctor Who fiction featuring the 7th Doctor and Ace who are on holiday on Opus One, a planet of great beauty.

Quantum Leap – an overview
A review of the series.

An Unearthly Din
A spoof of the first Doctor Who story, An Unearthly Child.

Review – Dark season.
A review of the kids’ SF/Fantasy show.

Ace – a companion for the ‘90s
Does Ace have what it takes as a companion for Doctor Who to survive into the new decade? Jon C. discusses.

Jharran’s Bomb
Blakes7 fiction

Special FX review
A discussion on the SFX used in Doctor Who. Do the new techniques produce as good results as the old ones?

Doctur Huw – The Edge of Boredom
The Doctur makes an amazing discovery deep inside the TARDIS.