Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dream Diary: Colin Baker's Omlette

In my dream Colin Baker was standing in the corner of my living room dressed in full Doctor Who costume. He was looking a bit younger, and shall we say, less portly than he is today (in other words he fitted into the costume). I spent some time admiring his coat (I have always been rather fond of Colin's costume, actually). I reminded him of how I tried it on when I was a kid, meeting him at a signing in 1986.

Then Colin got all arrogant and Doctorish and demands that I make him a mushroom omlette. I obliged and checked the fridge for ingredients. When I opened the fridge it was full of rotting mushrooms. I turned back to Colin and tell him that I can't possibly cook him an omlette. He didn't seem too happy about that.