Monday, January 01, 2007

DrGaz's Personal TARDIS

Weclome to my very own Doctor Who section. Here I invite you to please step into my own personal TARDIS and explore the Whoniverse from my own perspective. This page indexes all the posts that I've ever written relating to Doctor Who.

The SEVANS Daleks vault
DrGaz's Sevans Daleks, readers' Daleks, pictures, facts, links etc. If you have any info about Sevans Daleks or any pics of your own Sevans Dalek, please send me them to be included!

My Doctor Who related sketches & drawings
Artsy things that I've done over the years relating to the series.

My Doctor Who music
Including the world famous "Judoon Song" and "Doctor Who's Oompah Extravaganza"

Gaz's Doctor Who miscellanea
Miscellaneous Stuff about Doctor Who. Things that don't fit into any other category.

Reviews and articles
Various things that I've written about the series over the years.

Cybernetix - my old fanzine
Done in the '80s when I was a teenage Who-nerd and fully fledged member of the DWAS Cardiff Local Group.
About Cybernetix, Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, The Special?

The DWAS Cardiff Local Group (coming soon).
Memories of my time as a member of the Doctor Who Cardiff local Group (1988 - 1992), which went on to become the SFFC (SF Fantasy Cardiff). This section includes some stuff about the Cardiff-based Doctor Who convention, Carousel '89, and group fanzines such as The Global Times, Global Communications, Cybernetix. and CSO

When DrGaz met Dr Who (coming soon)
Accounts of all the exciting times I've met stars from the series.

DrGaz's RED HOT Wholinks (coming soon)
I take you on a journey around the creme de la creme of the Whoniverse.

...or just click here to view every post I've written relating to Doctor Who.

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