Sunday, October 01, 1989

Cybernetix - Issue 2 (October 1989)

Issue 2 of Cybernetix was published on Saturday 21st October 1989. It was slightly more polished in format than issue 1, and the overall layout and design was a bit more "together" I thought. A.S. drew what I thought was quite a striking Tom Baker front cover (pictured), which due to its composition led to the fanzine logo being spread, rather unconventially across the bottom of the page. An unusual layout, but I quite liked it.

There were one or two good articles in this issue, and looking through them again now, I quite enjoyed re-reading J.T's moan about the "mystery" that Andrew Cartmel was trying to instill in the seventh Doctor.

Welcome to issue 2!

Movie Doctor Cast! Sure-fire box office hit.
A spoof article on the casting of the proposed Doctor Who movie.

Overview – Tomb of the Cybermen
A review of the Titan Books script book.

Peter Davison – the case for and against
The Prosecution. Davison’s portrayal of the Doctor is put on trial.

Free audio cover
Photocopyable cover for an audio tape.

Overview – The Daleks (BBC Video)
Four members of the Cardiff Local Group review the 1989 BBC Video release of The Daleks.
DrGaz's Review, P.M's review, D.P's review, J.C1's review, S.F's Review

Console design
A discussion of the design of the TARDIS console.

Continuity – Who is the Doctor?
A discussion of Andrew Cartmel's attempt to restore “mystery” to the character of the Doctor.

Franchise of the Daleks
Spoof fiction based on Dalek stories.

Doctur Huw
The first outing of a beer swilling Welsh valleys version of the Doctor.

What’s On Gallifrey
Spoof Gallifreyan cinema listings.

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