Saturday, October 21, 1989

Doctur Huw: What Happened Last Week in the TARDIS (part 1)

I did this for of Cybernetix issue 2, (my own Doctor Who fanzine that I did in the late '80s). Reading it now it's pretty childish and naive, and not particularly funny (c'mon I was only 15 when I did it), but I still quite like how it looks visually and the concept behind it.

The idea of Doctur Huw was to have a humorous Doctor Who comic strip where the Doctor is a Welsh valleys lager lout. Adventures would generally involve him chain-smoking, swilling pints of Skol and shagging his assistants. Generally the TARDIS would be parked up in the corner of a valleys workingmen's club or in a pub carpark, and when it wasn't there he'd be off fighting slightly incompetent Daleks on distant planets or getting lagered up with the Master. I think it could have have been really filthy. Maybe I should pitch the idea to Viz!

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