Saturday, October 21, 1989

Editorial - Cybernetix issue 2.

Well, CYBERNETIX has managed to reach it's second issue, and very pleased with it I am too. Things are looking hopeful for the future so I can guarantee an issue 3.

As you can see, I've made a couple of changes to the format of issue 2 for example, this editorial page and of course the CYBERNETIX logo an the cover. This time I've made it a bit darker and slightly more readable. With a bit of luck, I won't get too fussy in the next issue and alter the logo again.

I hope you like the issue, even though it is only 12 pages long this time. The reason for issue one being priced at 35p was because the people at "The Harrison Brothers" where all the photocopying is done accidentally charged me the wrong price - half the price they should have charged me. That's why it was so amazingly cheap. At the moment of writing this, this issue of CYBERNETIX stands at 50p each which I hope is O.K. (If the price I charge you is about 25p, that means that good ol' "H.B." have buggered it up again!

At the time this issue goes to print, most of "Ghostlight'' will have been transmitted. So far I have seen all of "Battlefield". So far, I think the new season is O.K ish. I wasn't very keen on the actual story-line of "Battlefield" but I suppose it was alright as evening entertainment.

One thing I did find impressive in "Battlefield" was of course the destroyer even though blue wasn't the best colour to paint it and the voice reminded me of a character from "He-man". But fit was very good and the costume must have cost the BBC a packet. Pity such an excellent costume was so much under used in the story.

I am looking forward to "Ghostlight". I think it's going to be good as it is said to have elements from both "The Evil of the Daleks" and "The Talons of Weng-Chiang". These are the favorite stories of the writer. "The Curse of Fenric" looks quite promising and I'm not so sure about "Survival".

Anyway, that's enough of that. There are quite a variety of contributors to this issue and I am quite pleased with the contents of this issue. I hope you think we've got the right content of seriousness and humour in this issue. I'm hoping the Continuity page will be a regular in future issues, now that J.T. has been appointed as continuity editor. I've decided to drop the archive feature from this issue and I doubt it will include it in issue 3, I wish to apologise to P.M. I hope he doesn't mind too much about his Dalek spoof being altered, However, thanks to D.B. for editorial assistance with this article.

Well, enjoy the issue and buy the next,


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