Monday, January 01, 2007

Sevans Daleks - Links

Here are a list of links to websites that feature Sevans Daleks. It is by no means complete, and if anyone has a link they's like to add please get in touch by email or leave a comment and I'll add it.

Don't forget, if you have pics of your very own Sevans Dalek that you'd like included in my ever explanding Sevans Daleks section, please get in touch!

DrGaz's Stuff
Yours truly's offerings on the subject.

The Toyroom
This contains information and pics of Doctor Who toys from over the years. The above link is to ones from the 1990s including the Sevans Daleks / Davros.

Richard Who
Richard Who is a Doctor Who collector's website for the hardcore. Many of its members own Sevans models.
An index of Doctor Who minatures. This features some of the Sevans kits.
Some pics of Sevans Daleks. The page also features pics of other mini Daleks such as the comet model.

Richard Piper
Davros, Movie TARDIS, TV Dalek, Cyberman

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Bobby Morris said...

Hi Gaz. I've recently created a blog to display my Sevans and Comet Miniatures models, and there's a Sevans Dalek among them. I'm already on Richard Who, but my profile is out of date and doesn't include this Dalek, hence this comment. You can find my blog here: There are two photos of the Dalek on its own, and one posing alongside Davros :-) Thanks.