Saturday, December 08, 2007

DrGaz on the keys

Just got back from my 4th piano lesson! I've played guitar (mainly electric) for the last 15 years but it's always been a compromise, because since I was a kid I have ALWAYS wanted a piano! Sadly this is something that was always been impractical for one reason or another - usually "It's too big", "It's too expensive" "It's too noisy" etc etc etc... (the list of excuses not to is endless - you'll never win), so I've decided to go for it in adulthood and learn it properly with a teacher, and hopefully very shortly I'll be purchasing a digital piano. Not the cheapest hobby with lessons at £24/hr, and yes an electric piano WILL take up space, but what the hell! Sometimes you have to say balls to it just do it!

What I really want to do is go through the grades, and I'm aiming to make grade 1 by summer 2008. For now as a novice I have to start somewhere, so I'm currently working my way through the Grade 1 scale book, and another book called Piano Time 1 by Pauline Hall (both pictured below). Piano Time 1 is written for 5 year olds, and contains exciting stuff like "She'll be coming 'round the mountain", but as I said, you have to start somewhere. You can't just start bashing out Beethoven straight away.

A tricky thing about learning an instrument "properly" is learning to sight read (I learned guitar completely by ear and tabulation or "Tab" as it's called) . The thought of learning how to read music sounds pretty scary, but in the last couple of weeks I've actually been getting on quite well with it. This is largely thanks to a piece of software called Note Card which tests you on all the notes. I downloaded it to my PC at work, and give my self a quick test every lunchtime. It's amazing how quickly you pick it up.

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nailgungfx said...

I think "piano Time" also has a song called: "Don't shoot the pianist" haha! Well done my friend! Best wishes with your piano lessons! The best thing is that you seem to really like it and enjoying yourself, so go for it by all means!