Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DrGaz's Music: There Is Only Death.

Here’s a cheery tune for you! I hope you don’t find it too depressing. I actually did it a few months ago and just got around to putting the finishing touches to it today. There Is Only Death is more of a mini audio project rather than a song because apart from the rhythm of the “heartbeat” bass drum and the bleep of the life support machine there’s no actual melody. It’s mainly sound effects and weird noises.

This is the final few minutes of terminal pain before the heart gives out and brain activity ceases. Everything goes black and that’s yer lot, mate!

I’m hoping to go completely in the opposite direction for my next tune. I’d like to make up to you for this utterly depressing song by making something so sugary and cheerful you’ll want to throw up! Something about happy, happy people, blue skies and cute furry kittens perhaps.

1 comment:

nailgungfx said...

Man this totally insane, depressing, dark, fuckin scary, claustophobic, extraterrestrial and really really sinister!
You rule! WOw!