Saturday, October 27, 2007

DrGaz's Music: The Tripods v2

This is my second attempt at the theme tune for The Tripods. Although still not perfect I think it is slightly closer to Ken Freeman's original than my first attempt. I have corrected the key and tempo, and I think that I've managed to get the bassline a bit more accurate. I have also synchronised it better to the opening credits (see YouTube video below). The main problem I've been having is with the instrument sounds. I still can't get the main theme instruments to sound right - the original has more attack and also seems to have some horn sounds in there somewhere that I just can't get close to. Instead I'm pretty much having to use the default Garageband strings instrument. I am also unable to find anything similar to the gut-wrenching metallic sounds at the beginning. I quite like my version of these, but they don't have as much oomph as Ken Freemans!

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