Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sevans Daleks Adverts - NEW DALEKS (1987)

Thanks again to Outpost Gallifreyan MasseyLopez for sending this in. I believe that this is the final outstanding advert for Sevans models (if anyone knows about one I've missed, please get in touch!)

This ad introduces a redesigned range of Sevans Daleks, far simpler to assemble than previous models. The TV Dalek (pictured) also shows a further improvement - a removable head section complete with Kaled mutant and controls!

A very nice ad, I must say. Some great looking models, and I like the warehouse set. There's even a pic of the man himself!

Interestingly this advert also mentions the availability of an A2 Sevans wall-poster. I've certainly never seen this and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a scan of it.

Source: Doctor Who Monthly, 1987 Autumn Special, rear cover.

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