Thursday, October 11, 2007

DrGaz's Music: The Tripods

Contrary to the slagging off most Doctor Who fans give The Tripods, I have to say that I bloody loved the series! I recently re-watched some episodes on YouTube and was amazed to find that even after 20 years it is still gripping and the effects hold up surprisingly well.

I recently had a bash at trying to emulate Ken Freeman's magnificent theme tune using Garageband, and you can listen to it here. You can either use the above player or hear it on the video below where I've dubbed it over the title sequence:

Above: my version of the theme opening title sequence.
Aaargh it's all out of sync! The bassline's all wrong! Where did those drums come from at the end? It's ALL wrong! (But I sorta quite like it).

Well I'm not saying it's perfect and I have to admit that I did this when I didn't have an internet connection so it's completely from memory. Listening to it against the actual theme music, I know now that my instruments, tempo, key, phrasing and baseline are all wrong (well everything's wrong then).

I'm been slowly working on a more accurate version, but sadly I'm limited with the voices available on Garageband - I just CAN'T seem get the strings to sound right on my new version - they don't have enough attack and sound too relaxed. Maybe I can find a way around that somehow...


Peter O said...

Any chance of an mp3 of the Judoon song so I can post it on

Send to


DrGaz said...

I just emailed you it. Enjoy!