Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Horror dream diary: A House without Windows

I was in a leafy suburb - a wealthy area with large detached houses with substantial grounds. The house I stood before was square and imposing. It was built from a sandy coloured stone and its overgrown grounds were encircled by gnarled wrought iron fencing. It was early evening and the sun was low, casting long shadows. Stray branches and overgrown bushes were sillhouetted against the golden sky.

The unusual thing obout the building was that it had no windows. This made it look like a mausoleum. There were large depressions in the walls where windows should have been. The surrounding stonework was intricately decorated with engravings and carvings of snakes. My instincts told me that I should leave, but there was a warmth and beauty that drew me in.

The next thing I knew I was standing inside the house. It was silent and gloomy, and the walls were oak panelled. I was in the main hallway at the bottom of a grand staircase that led up to darkness. Corridors at each side of the staircase also led to darkness. I saw a beautiful young woman with pale skin and blood-red lips. She had long black hair and wore a long back dress that touched the floor. There was an air of malice about her, but like her house, there was something alluring about her. She drifted past, seeming to have only a vague awareness of me. Then she turned and made eye-contact momentarily. Her eyes burned into me and I sensed immense power within her.

Others were there too. There was a tall slow-moving man – a butler perhaps - and some servants. I remember having a conversation with the butler, but generally I was invisible to everyone and explored the mansion as I pleased.

I don’t remember anything else of what I saw in the house, but I do remember that I spied on the girl, and discovered she was a witch. I witnessed her practising black magic in a downstairs room. She performed some complicated rituals, and my understanding was that I was the target for them.

I soon noticed other things – vague things that I can’t remember - that made me realise that things were working against me in the house.

I was trapped in the building. There were no doors or windows to escape from. My exit method was quite bizarre - I started to feel an enormous force surging through my body. The energy built up inside me for a few seconds and then I flew straight through the roof, bursting through the floors like Superman!

The last thing I remember was looking down and seeing an amazing ariel view of house and the grounds from the sky as I flew back home.

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