Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Horror Dream Diary: The Man In The Chair

This nightmare is one of the most frightening that I’ve ever had. I dreamt that I awoke in the middle of the night to find that I had disturbing visitor to my bedroom. The next morning it actually took me a while to get my head around the whole thing because it was difficult to work out if it was dream or reality. You could say it was a “dream within a dream”. I actually had this one in 1996 when I was an undergraduate, and I always meant to write it down, so finally here it is…

When I awoke in the dream the house was dead silent and the room was drenched with moonlight that came in through partially drawn curtains. The window was open and a gentle breeze fluttered the curtains. My bed was in a corner and I lay facing the wall. As I turned over and reached for my spectacles I saw that somebody was sitting at my desk. All I could see was a pale bald head above the back of the chair.

I sprang for the bedroom door. It was jammed but I got it open without too much difficulty. On the landing I switched the lights on and calmed down before returning to my bedroom. The chair was empty so I put it down to being a bad dream.

I closed the window and went back to bed. Later that night I awoke a second time. The window was once again open. I looked over at the desk and saw the same bald head. I froze and stared at it noticing that it was embossed with a thick network of pulsing veins.

My bedroom door was jammed solid and opening it required all my physical strength. I glanced back at the desk and saw the chair slowly turning towards me. I got out of the room before I saw the face.

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