Saturday, May 19, 2007

Horror dream diary: Dark World

In this dream I had the ability to look through reality into a dimension beyond – an bleak and desert-like parallel dimension. This alternative world was gradually breaking through into our reality and taking it over!

Occasionally I could see through walls where shapes moved in the dimension beyond. I once pressed my face into a wall and it became soft, moulding itself around me. As I pushed myself deeper into the wall, it stretched like rubber. I used my hands to stretch it thinly enough to become transparent, and looked through. Beyond stood grey, menacing figures, waiting.

Images would occassionally appear on walls as if projected from the other side. I found myself in a house standing in the doorway of an upstairs bedroom. The room was packed with people and they were all seated in rows of chairs facing a blank wall as if in a cinema. A sequence of images began to appear on the wall as I fumbled with my camera that refused to take a picture.

I glanced up and saw cryptic, pixelated images flashing on the wall in rapid succession. Jagged lettering that looked like a corruption of the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet pulsed on the wall. Colourful abstract arrays of patterns, some resembling a kind of bird (they looked a bit like chicken) also appeared. Lines of identical ones – repeated continuously. A random collection of computer-genearated images.

The pictures stopped and the room was dark and silent. Faces stared blankly at the wall. My scalp tingled and the air felt charged. I knew that something terrible was going to happen and I instantly dragged two people whom I knew from the room. On the landing I shook them from a trance-like state.

The bedroom wall began to glow brightly and the room was lit up intensely. Tendrils of brilliant white light snaked through the air from the wall and onto the heads of each person inside the room, as if burning into their minds. The room continued to blaze with energy for a few more seconds. I looked away as the light hurt my eyes. When the light faded the room was empty.

I went outside with the two people I’d rescued – a man and a woman. Together we broke into a vehicle and hot-wired it. We knew we had to get as far from the house as possible. As we pulled away I looked back at the house and in the upstairs window the faces of those had vanished stared grimly back at us.

Well, that was the only remarkable part of the dream - the rest of it was a good old fashioned industry-standard nightmare – a runaround romp where we were chased all over the place by these “converted” people. There were car chases, more car stealing, a sinister village, and an incident when I was hid from one of these guys in the roof space of a swimming pool changing room! What’s all that about? More and more people got “taken over”, and it got to the point when I was the only person in the world left who was normal.

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nailgungfx said...

really nice one! You imagination is running beyond the fields of wildness! I particularly enjoyed the part where light streaks were coming from the wall and sinking in the spectators heads, and also the scene where you were escaping from the house and all those faces looking at you... woooo spooky enough for me son.

Well done Dr! Brilliant writing!