Friday, May 04, 2007

Photo of the day: Tomatoes in the kitchen

Yes, folks it's another DrGaz photo of the day. Actually I took it last Sunday when I was cooking my nice Italian-style tomato & basil sauce with pasta again! The lighting in the kitchen was quite dramatic at that time of day. The evening sunlight was really golden and there was lots of shadows and contrast. I hoped that the photo would come out better, but I guess you need a really good camera to capture a certain mood in the way that you intended.


Anonymous said...

The photo's really cool, the tomatoes seem to be in a certain order, yet they are randomly placed. And the lighting is very cool too, perhaps some 'photoshoping' could help you achieve what you wished for it.

Anyhow I still don't get how it came to your mind to take pictures while you're cooking. I guess this is one mystery of the amazing Dr. Gaz!

By the way I love your new blog title image.

DrGaz said...

Cheers, anon!
"The Amazing Dr Gaz" sounds like one of Spiderman's buddies. Maybe I could get a Lycra suit and stand around on the top of buildings! Haha.