Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo of the day: The view through my window

A week ago we moved (temporarily until we find something better) to a tiny flat in the middle of Cambridge. It's a great location for the money and is only 10 minutes walk into the town centre or to the station. This is the view through the skylight. It's great to lie in bed and look straight up at the clouds. The only problem with this place is that we're right next door to the local curry-house and their roof extractor points right at our skylight. They're in there making curry day and night, seven days a week. I love the smell of Indian food myself, but the problem is that it makes me drool continuously whenever the window gets opened.

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nailgungfx said...

interesting photo. I remember a project while doing my A levels in Art, where we had to paint an abstract composition based on roof-top and chimney lines. That was wicked!