Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wiggy Davison

This is the cover to the latest Radio Times which is promoting the Doctor Who special for Children in Need. Someone on the Outpost Gallifrey forum mentioned that Peter Davison should wear a wig because these days he's a bit of a slap-head - his hair was much longer when he played the Doctor in the early '80s! Well I couldn't resist the challenge of Photoshopping on Davison's original hair to see the difference, so below is here's him before and after his makeover. Actually I think it takes a few years off him:

...and here's the revised Radio Times with Wiggy Davison in all his glory:

...and here's some more wig options for both Doctors:


Anonymous said...

Love it! Heartthrob DT looks incredibly sinister with PD's hair :-)

Dave M

nailgungfx said...

Awesome Photoshop treatment Gaz!