Saturday, January 26, 2008

DrGaz's Music: Maybe Next Time

This here is my humble attempt at the mighty Ritchie Blackmore's "Maybe Next Time". This is the first part of the song. There's a mid-section and a more technical end section. I will try to finish them off soon. I've already learned most of the guitar bits, but I need to complete the backing track on Garageband before I can post it in its entirety.

Ol' Blacky is definitely my favourite guitarist, and this song is probably one of my favorites of his. It should really be played with a slide, but unfortunately I can't find mine. That may not be a bad thing as my slide playing is pretty dodgy.

If you would like to hear this in better quality than the iTubes offering above, click here to download an MP3 version.

INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD MP3 FILES: Right-click on the "Download MP3" link and click on "save link as".


Terry said...

nice guitar work doc! :-)

M i y a k o said...

Too bad you couldn't find the slider. Mine just broke.
Even without it, though, you sound good!


Ritchie Blackmore is one of my favorite guitarists, too.