Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DrGaz's Music: The iShoe Shuffle

We'll here it is! This is the latest DrGaz single, entitled "The iShoe Shuffle". Don't be deceived by the light 'n' fluffy song title - this is an intense one (I was in a right old strop when I did it).

It's another one of my Garageband attempts. I'm really stating to understand how to work the software, but I'm struggling a bit now because it really slows down because I'm trying to make the music complicated with extra tracks etc. I've been trying to make my tunes more interesting from a mixing point of view by setting pan/volume paths which should (hopefully) give more stereo depth (e.g. there's a funny bouncy bit in this this tune that pans very fast from left to right a number of times). All this really slows everything down to the point that whenever I try to overlay a new track, it's impossible to record it in real-time because when I hit a note on the keyboard, it sounds 5 seconds later. Aaargh! It's very frustrating. I need a faster computer!


nailgungfx said...

Gaz this is awesome! Well done my friend!

DrGaz said...

Thanks very much, and thanks for all your other kind comments!