Thursday, March 22, 2007

DrGaz's Motorhead jacket

I was a bit of a heavy-metaller when I was an undergraduate ('92 - '96). I had the full rock credentials; the mullet, the leathers, the oversized white trainers, the range of Iron Maiden T-Shirts, and of course the inevitable 6-string. In about 1993 I decided to paint the sleeve of my leather biker jacket with a "Motorhead" logo (click the thumbnails for a bigger view). I was quite pleased with how it came out. I used acrylic paints on it which were pretty tough and kept their nice rich colour. I also did a crazily green "Overkill" logo on the back of a mate's jacket too.

I put my jacket on eBay last year and amazingly it went for about £22! Not bad for an old jacket. And I thought I'd be dumping the thing at the local charity shop! I had to get rid of it one way or another, you see. The time had come. As a respectable member of society I hadn't worn it for over 10 years, and certainly couldn't think of a socially acceptable occasion (apart from maybe a fancy dress party) where I'd ever wear it again.

Anyway, below is a view of the jacket that I used for eBay auction. That's my Fender Stratocaster I'm holding!


Vagabomination said...

That one surely brings in mind a lot of good memories full of Judas Priest, A green metallic Ibanez, mr. Spikey (Black ironbird), Marshall Amps and a flat full of Stella cans :))))
Boy we got really old!


DrGaz said...

Thanks for all the comments VagabominatioN! We may be old(ish) gits, but I'm sure we still know how to rock!

nailgungfx said...

we sure do Gazza!