Friday, March 16, 2007

DrGaz's Music: Frozen Beef

One of my recent favorite obsessions is composing music on our trusty little iBook G4. We have a piece of software called Garageband that comes free with Macs as a creative tool. It's fantastically easy to use and immense fun. I was up and running in a few minutes. So far I have put together lots of ideas for songs. Some of these are complete, and some of these mere snippets of ideas. I'll gradually add them to this blog over the next few weeks.

This is my first upload, a recent attempt that I entitled "Frozen Beef". It's a silly name (DrGaz likes silly stuff), it's primary objective being to remind me of what the song sounds like. I'll never remember how it goes if I called it "Song idea 32c" or something. Do you get me?

On "Frozen Beef" I dabbled with some crowd noises to give it a "live" feel. Hopefully it'll make this effort sound like a better job if you can hear people going crazy for it!


nailgungfx said...

Excellent stuff! I found really smart the bass drum / snare/ bass hits on the end while people were applauding, it made it realistic. Well I suppose Macs still do miracles these days! Superb sound, I presume you have used the in-built midi sounds for that, didn't you?

DrGaz said...

Cheers! There are lots of in-built sounds on Garageband and you can customise them so it's quite flexible. I would like to get hold of a few more because I'm getting a bit bored with the in-built stuff.

Ideally I'd like to get going with something more professional like Cakewalk or CuBase and have it all wired up properly to a guitar and keyboard. I've got a quite a powerful PC, which should be ideal. I'd also like to try experimenting with vocals dare I say it!

I'd like to hear my stuff loud and through some decent speakers too. I've done everything on headphones so far which is a bit frustrating.

Are you still using CuBase these days? Any new stuff?

nailgungfx said...

Cubase and music in general is an on-off case for me these days y'know, it suddenly hits me, then off it goes, never leaving me enough time in between to be serious about it.

So I guess other than 3-4 thrash metal ideas-snippet recordings, haven't got anything really new I'm afraid. Although I would really like to gear up for a proper thrash demo sometime near :) Most likely when I'll move to my new house sometime later this year.