Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sketch of the Day: Nosferatu

This was something I drew way back in 1989. I was 14 then, doing my GCSEs (click on the image to enlarge). The woman and her right hand came out a bit dodgy, but I was quite pleased with the Nosferatu chap himself and the woman's left hand. This is a copy of a photo I liked in a "Monsters of the Movies" book that I had at the time. I found this image on my hard drive and thought I might as well post it. This is a photo of the A3 original that I binned during a de-cluttering session a couple of years ago just before I moved house. I beleve that this image comes from a 1970s remake of the classic horror film "Nosferatu".

I really should do more drawings. I always enjoy doing pencil sketches, and could probably get much better with practise. I get so absorbed doing them that I forget myself. Sadly I never seem to find the time.

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