Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hi-fis, Daleks and smoke alarms - 3D modelling (1996)

Here are two images that I created in 1996 on 3D Studio version 3. The first two images are based the hi-fi that I owned at the time. It was a nice easy one to do as the geometry was relatively simple to model. The third image is of some Daleks. They are slightly inaccurate because I modelled them completely from memory without a visual reference. More recently (about 2 years ago) I modelled a much more accurate Dalek using a 3D package called Autodesk Inventor 9. I used the Dalek Builder's Guild plans for reference so the new model is faithful to the original props. I never completed the model (it is about 80% finished), but I will shortly post some images of my "virtual Dalek build". The final image is a wireframe of a a smoke alarm moulding that I modelled for some reason.

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nailgungfx said...

WOooooWWW! I was really looking for these Gaz! You should also say that you've reached those magnificent results in only two months of using 3D Studio which is amazing! I always admired you for these man and how quick you've came in terms with the software! As for the Dalek, it needs some work :) The smoke alarm is the same project from the uni?