Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo of the day: The joys of commuting 2

Here's a few more pics that I took the other day that I thought I'd post (click to enlarge). I guess they capture some snippets of the "excitement" of commuting from Cambridge to London on a daily basis. The first shot is the sun coming up over the railway at Cambridge train station at 7:15am. The other two shots are of the entrance to the tube at Kings Cross in the morning, and the platform at Kings Cross on the way back home in the evening. I was thinking that maybe one day I might record some "sounds of the day" and compile them into a song or something - something weird like a kind of audio commuter's nightmare. I imagine that it will probably come out like Pink Floyd's "On the Run" off "Dark Side of the Moon"!

1 comment:

nailgungfx said...

Man you're really bring back memories with these. Good & Bad memories, but loads of them...

Anywyas the idea of recording the sounds is brilliant! I looking forward to listen to your imagination!