Saturday, August 11, 2007

SEVANS Dalek models - readers' Daleks.

Here's some SEVANS models pics sent in by Outpost Gallifreyan, Ben Flay.

The Dalek is a hybrid of three separate kits! - A MK1, Mk2 and MK3. The dome and shoulers are from an original Mk1 kit, the neck is from a Mk2, and the skirt from a MK3. Ben has had it for about 10 years. The reason why it's made from three kits is because Ben found that the quality of the plastic was poor and only managed to get one decent Dalek by combining all three kits together (this is another great example of how damn difficult the things were to put together!). The Dalek is a generic '70s Dalek rather than an episode specific one. It is due for a refit soon as the glue has dried out and the paint has suffered. It looks damn good if you ask me, though. I think the battle scarred look works pretty well.

Below are some photos of Ben's MK1 Davros. This was also a hard kit to make. It is the Micheal Wisher version. Ben added lights and extra deals to the interior panels. The kit is even older than the Dalek (from around '87), and the skirt needs repainting (a bit faded because it was kept on the bedroom windowsill for a bit).

Do you have a Sevans Dalek you'd like to share? Go on send in a pic! You know you want to.

All images in this post are copyright Ben Flay

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nailgungfx said...

Magnificent scale models! Well done to both chaps! The realism is abundant and I'll have to agree with you Gaz on the battle-worn panels of the first dalek! It's stunning. Meanwhile the Davros looks fabulous, I really like the paintwork on the actual monster's flesh parts!

Ah! Scale modelling is one of the things I would really love to do but never have the time or an appropriate space for it... :(